Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Easter 2014

I spent an entire week in Southern California taking my family to the happiest place on earth and the weather was FABULOUS!!!   When I came home, I saw hints of springtime here as well!   All this warm weather gave me motivation to get my Easter crafts up!  Enjoy!

Skinny Bunnies 
Item #SPR022
Tallest bunny is 14 inches.  
These are made out of fencepost wood giving them a more rustic look.

Happy Easter Stacker
Item #SPR021
(Paper may vary)

Easter Egg Door Hanger
Item #SPR020
(paper may vary)

3 Chicks
Item #SPR019
Love the piggy tails and glitter!

Easter Pals
Item #SPR018

Egg Hunt Blocks
Item #SPR017

Don't forget to EMAIL me if your interested in ordering!

Hooray for warmer weather!


Patti Hosford said...

So do you send these items finished? Your prices are great. Do you do large orders for a women's craft day? Thanks.

lee woo said...

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