Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Back to school and Autumn!!

Hello Everyone!
I am SOOOOOooooooOOOO excited for school to start!
Welcome in the new School yer with this adorable collection!

And as usual...They are ALL REVERSIBLE!!!!
(except for the door hangers)
So when school is in full swing and the air has cooled down, just turn them all around and enjoy Autumn!

Falling Leaves/Back to School $18.00
Item #ATM011

It's Autumn Time/ School Time $15.00
Item #ATM010

Subway art $12.00
Item #ATM009
This is a little larger than my past subway arts.

Apple Door hanger $25.00
Item #BTS001

Owl Door hanger $25.00
Item #ATM008
You can choose blue or green!
I couldn't decide which I liked better so I will let you! :-)

I am making these as orders come in. Please allow 3-4 days for delivery. 
I love you all!

Halloween is Here!!!

Halloween is my FAVORITE time of year!
Here are the Crafts that I am offering...

Happy Halloween Blocks
Item #HAL013
The "H" block stands 6.5 inches tall

Skeleton Door Hanger
Item #HAL012

Subway Art
Item #HAL011

Boo Blocks with Ghost
Item #HAL010
These blocks are 2.5 x 2.5 each. 

Black Cat
Item #HAL009

Item #HAL008
This adorable craft is covered in glitter, and the edges are stained with black.
The tallest letter stands at 4.5 inches.