Sunday, October 26, 2008

Another Successful Saturday!

Here is my latest Pile-O-Wood....and I am glad that It's over! 21 sets of "Family" 6 Set's of Gobble Blocks (finished product coming soon), 12 sets of Boo Blocks and 2 sets of Pilgrims! Now I can actually cut and paint wood for myself instead of everyone else! I have some cute Thanksgiving stuff that I am craving to post...but I have to paint it first! Check back soon!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

We have a winner!!!

Congratulations Jennie! Your guess was 1 foot off! I had to buy 89 Feet of wood! CRAZY!!! I"ll contact you about your winnings!!!!

Thank you all for playing! Check back soon! I have another Super Saturday coming up and I may throw in another contest!

I am also hoping to post my Thanksgiving stuff in about a week!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

SUCCESS with a CONTEST!!!!!!

One down and one to go! Here are some pictures from my ward's Super Saturday! I must say that this was the LEAST stressful super Saturday that I have ever had!This is a picture of just my pile.....Others were equally as large!Here is a picture of ALL the finished wood! it really doesn't look like a lot, so I took a different picture.....So this picture shows just how high those stacks really are..... Monday - Wednesday I worked in my shop from 7 - 1:30 in the morning. Then Thursday night my good friend came to help, and we busted out 31 "O's" and 31 "Y's" (Our Arms are still hurting a little!)

My final counts were 31 Sets of the Joy Blocks, 10 sets of the Pilgrims and 17 Families are Forever! For a grand total of 231 pieces of wood! CRAZYY!!!!


When I buy wood, they are planks that are so many feet long. The contest is...

Guess how many total FEET of wood I had to buy to make all these crafts!!!

The person who is the closest will win a set of "JOY" blocks (posted below) AND if you are exact in your guess I will add something else to your winnings!

THis is open to ANYONE and EVERYONE, just leave a comment with your guess!

Have fun and good luck! This contest Ends Monday Night at Midnight! (MST)

Sunday, October 12, 2008


Hi Sisters! This is a glance at the crafts we will be doing this Saturday Oct. 18th! If you are interested in ordering...PLEASE contact Leesa Jones. All money is due Monday Oct. 13th. Please make checks payable to Leesa Jones!

Boo Blocks $3.00 wood Only
Families are Forever $5.00 wood and Vinyl Only! Finished $7.00
JOY letters $6.50 (Bring your own Paper) wood only! Finished
Wood Nativity $ 8.00 wood only. Finished $12.00
Ornaments $1.00 Each
Pilgrims $12.00 wood only. Finished $20.00
Set of 3 Pumpkins $7.00 wood only. $9.00 Finished
Season Blocks 2x4 Size $10.00 for all four seasons. 2x6 size $12.00 for all four seasons THis price is for a Packet.
There will also be a demonstration on Home Made Tortillas at 11:00,Lunch will be served at 11:30, And then a table runner demonstration will be after lunch!
There will also be humanitarian Projects to help out with. We hope to see you all there!