Monday, January 22, 2018

Valentine 2018

 It's been a while, I know!  
But how cute are these Valentine crafts!?
Remember to email me if you want to order anything

XOXO Farmhouse Sign
7 in x 12.5 in. The lips are sparkly glitter and the frame is a walnut stain.

3 Standing Hearts
The tallest one stands about 10 inches tall. 

 Initials with Heart
This is a custom order.  You just tell me which two letters you want, and I'll make it happen.

 Truck Door Hanger
The load on this truck is interchangeable!  (Husband's Idea)
I will be offering different things throughout the year that will fit on the bed of the truck.
The truck will come with the hearts pictured.
Additional "loads" will be available for purchase throughout the year.
Remember to include your zip code in your email orders.  I am excited to be crafting again!

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