Sunday, December 6, 2009

It's the most Wonderful time of the year.........

I am excited to share these with you!!!!
Santa Door Hanger
Item #CHR011
Santa Blocks
Item #CHR010

Candy Cane blocks
Item #CHR009

Merry Christmas
Item #CHR008

Nativity Tile 6x6
Item #CHR007

Sparkly Joy Letters (My favorite!)
Item #CHR006

Ho Ho Ho stackers
Item #CHR005

Happy Holiday's and Happy Looking!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Thankgiving!

Here's a look at my Thanksgiving crafts! It's a smaller show, but I am already thinking CHRISTMAS!!!!
Gobble Blocks
Item #THK001

Thanksgiving Stackers
Item #THK002

Set of Pilgrims (my favorite) $12.00
Item #THK003
These are perfect for a table topper or sitting on a shelf!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I am taking three days off....

Hey Fans! I am taking the next three days off from painting to participate in this!!!
Click the link below for more information
Hope to see you all there!
(I'll be one of the ladies sitting at the entrance)

Monday, September 21, 2009


Frankie Door Hanger

Item #HAL007

Halloween Trio. These are small little table toppers. The witch stands about 5 inches tall

Item #HAL006

Spider with wire legs
Item #HAL005

SPOOKY Letters. MY FAVORITE!!!! These are about 7 inches tall and FULL of glitter!
Item #HAL004

Halloween Stackers
Item #HAL003

Trick or treat blocks
Item #HAL002

Halloween blocks
Item #HAL001



I will be posting individual prices and pictures on Tuesday, Sept 22nd. Stay tuned!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Fabulous Fall

It's time to start decorating for Autumn!!!

4x4 Autumn Block with leaves
Item #ATM007

Scarecrow Door Hanger
Item #ATM006

Chunky Pumpkin
(adorned with Rope and Raffia)
Item #ATM005

Autumn Stackers
Item #ATM004

2x4 Fall Block
Item #ATM003

It's Fall Ya'll
Item #ATM002

Autumn Blocks
Item #ATM001

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Summer and Patriotic Decor

Watermelon Door Hanger $20.00
Item #SUM003
This Bright colored Hanger is one of my favorites!
It has fun embelishments, and a raffia bow to finish it off!

Summer Blocks $12.00
Item #SUM002

Summer Stackers $10.00
Item #SUM001
This craft caused me some stress....I knew that it needed ribbon but I couldn't get the right color. Then, my brilliant sister suggested Black!
How perfect!!!

USA Letters $10.00
Item #PAT005
Bright red, white and blue and finished with silver glitter spray for that extra sparkle!

Liberty Blocks $12.00
Item #PAT004

Stars and Stripes $10.00
Item #PAT003

Again...Ribbon saves the day! The perfect Ribbon for the perfect saying!

Chunky Stars $8.00 each
Item #PAT002

Uncle Sam $20.00
Item #PAT001

I heart his one!! He is spray painted and embellished with glitter, tulle and star twigs!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Bugs for Spring!!

Lady Bug Door Hanger $20
the dots have black glitter. Bow is ribbon and tulle
Lady Bug Blocks $10.00
Bee Door Hanger $22.00
Adorned with glitter, buttons and Tulle!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

SPRING is in the AIR!!!

This weather has been driving me CRAZY!!! It is so hard to get in the mood for spring when it still snows!! But I did it anyway!!! I froze in my basement, cutting and sanding the following....and wouldn't you know it...I am not so freezing anymore! Spring is in the Air BABY!!!! (I can feel it!)

SPRING Letters $28.00
These letters are big and BRIGHT!!! The tallest letter is 8.5 inches tall. Each letter is 2 inches thick and stands on there own! Embellished with Ribbon, paper flowers, jewels and a 'hint' of glitter.
BAG - O - BUNNIES $10.00
I call this my bag - o - bunnies because all three could fit in a bag! They are small and chunky! The tallest bunny is 5 inches. These would look Darling by themselves or arranged with the spring letters above!
(See?? I told you!!)
These are 8 inches across and 4 inches tall. Embellished with Ribbon!
These blocks range in size from 6 to 4 inches. Painted with a fun, springy, Lavender color
KITE $20.00
Perfect for your front Door! This is embellished with craft wire and fabric scraps! Also available in Turquoise!
Very bright and fun! I had so many bunnies that I switched it up a bit and used a "chick"

SPRING BUNNY Door Hanger $22.00
This is one of my favorite Crafts, and has been for a while! He is made out of a lot of pieces ( 10 to be exact) and lots of fun! He looks adorable on your door for Easter and/or spring!


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

St. Patrick's Day Crafts

Leprechaun $ 10.00
Item #STP003 

The "L" block is 4.5 inches tall and painted with Plaid in the background. The rest of the word is 6 inches long. Sides are aged with a dark brown.

LUCKY blocks $8.00 
Item #STP002

blocks are 4 inches tall. The horseshoe has real nails tacked into it. Sides and Backs are aged with a dark Brown Color.

Leprechaun Door Hanger $20.00
Item #STP001

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Love/Hate Relationship

The reason for the Title of my post is this.....I absolutely HATE Valentine's Day. Its not because I had a bad experience once or because my husband doesn't do anything. It is simply because it's a commercialized Day where Husbands feel obligated to tell their wife that they love them and shower them with high priced flowers or gifts. Shouldn't they just do that randomly?! any day when their hearts tell them to?? There..NOW that I have that off my chest, we can all move on. As MUCH as I HATE this holiday...I AM LOVING THESE CRAFTS!!!!!!



I LOVE the lips on this Door hanger! And notice the wire?? It's curled in heart shapes!! Also adorned with pink glitter

This is a 2x6x8 block with a bead board heart and glitter! Very simple, Very Cute! (look, I remembered the Ribbon on this one) $8.00 

This is the first thing I made this year for Valentine Crafts and would be darling sitting on a shelf. It has pink glitter and is "flecked' with red and pink paint. 9 in. tall x 6 in. wide $8.00 

My collection wouldn't be complete without a set of blocks! Blocks are 3.5 inches tall $12.00 
Another fence post craft! Notice the wire "love" across the heart?? Very Rustic looking and Darling on any door or wall. $20.00 
And last, but certainly NOT least, Love Letters! The heart is bead board, and as always, covered in glitter! Letters are about 7 - 9 inches tall $22.00