Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Happiest of Halloween!!!

As promised.....   Halloween Crafts!!!  I love Halloween!

Batty door hanger $25
Item #HAL026

Bat, Witch and a Ghost $20.00
Item #HAL025
These are made from 2x4's.  LOVE them!

Large witches' boots $25
Item #HAL024
These are fairly big.  They are 7.5 inches wide by 12 in tall.

Witch letter with broom $18.00
Item #HAL023

Set of Jack-o-lanterns $15.00
Item #HAL022

Spooky blocks $18.00
Item #HAL021

Eek! Blocks $8.00
Item #HAL020
Please send me an email if you are interested in ordering.  

All of my crafts are made as the orders come in. 
 Please allow 5-7 days to complete your order