Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Freezin' and Lovin'

I hope that your holidays were FABULOUS!!!   
Mine were filled with cleaning, sledding, cleaning, movies, sleeping in, more cleaning, laundry, over eating and finally crafting!!

Penguin Door Hanger 
Item #WTR026

I Heart U Door Hanger
Item #VAL002

S.W.A.K Letters
Item #VAL001
These letters are about 5 inches tall.  The lips are covered in glitter!
(Paper may vary)

Brrr it's Cold / Love Struck
Item #WTR025
These are REVERSIBLE!!!!   

Freezin' Season / Be Mine Blocks!
Item #WTR024
The Christmas and Thanksgiving ones were such a hit, that I wanted to offer the same style, 
only for different seasons!   LOVE the way they turned out!!!
(Papers may vary)