Monday, November 11, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

 This month I am thankful for all my faithful followers!  
Thank you for allowing me to share my talents with you!

Thanksgiving crafts that I am offering this month.  

Sitting Turkey $14.00
 Item #THK015

Pilgrims and Indians (Set of 5) 
 Item #THK016

Turkey Pilgrim Door hanger
 Item #THK017

Reversible Blocks
 Item #THK018

I am only offering these for about a week so that I can get started on Christmas crafts!  
Email me today if you are interested.



Karen Sue Ault said...

Do you still make the ‘Give Thanks’ blocks?

Unknown said...

I am interested in the turkey pilgrim door hanger-
Do you sell these, I see this is from 2013.
Are these pre made? or kits to DIY?
thanks so much