Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Valentine and St. Patrick Crafts

Valentine Door Hanger
Item #VAL008
Made with Metallic Paper and Glitter this will shine on your front door!

Kiss Letters
Item #VAL007
These are covered in glitter and the dot on the "I" are lips! ADORABLE!!!
The next pictures are AWESOME! WHY you ask??
Everything is REVERSIBLE!!!

When Valentine's Day is over, all you have to do is flip them around
and you are ready for St. Patrick's Day!

Subway Art
Item #VAL006
7x7 plaque

Item #VAL005

Love/Luck 2x4
Item #VAL004
6 inches long

Love/Luck Letter Blocks
Item #VAL003
These are also reversible. The heart and Shamrock are removable, so you just change it when you change your decor!
Thanks for looking!!

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