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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

I have talented sisters!!!

I thought I would give you something else to look at while you wait for my next craft post.
 (which should be in about a week)

I have some crazy talented sisters!  
It's True! 
 And I love that we all have our strengths in different types of  "crafting"

My oldest sister loves to sew.  She has made beautiful quilts, adorable table runners and even a darling tree skirt for my Christmas tree.  Her latest creations can be found at:

  Here are just a few pictures of her creations.....  Go check her blog!!!
Matching outfits for Easter

Slumber Party Fun

My other sister is a crochet queen.  
She lives far away but she always shares her talents with us.I have many hats, beautiful bracelets and warm slippers


Maybe one day she will start an Etsy shop or blog to sell her amazing items.

  But until then....She is helping her daughter make and sell soap!  

Check out her Etsy shop

Her daughter wants to earn enough money to fly to Utah for the summer and this is how she is doing it.
My niece is an 11 year old, spunky girl!
When she puts her mind to something, you better believe she is going to succeed!


I love my customers and my blog followers!  You are always so good to me!  I want to share the love and support my sisters!!

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