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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Valentine and St. Patrick's Crafts 2015

 This year has started off crazy and Sad all at the same time. 

Crazy because having puppies is HARD work.  They stink up your house.  They eat a lot of food.  They take up most of your time.  It's like having multiple infants all at the same time, only you aren't the mother. But, they are so cute and my kiddos LOVE it!  
It's good for them.

Sad because I lost one of my dearest, life long friends this month. We have been friends since we were born.  She leaves behind a husband and three adorable little kids. 
 My heart aches. A lot.

Crafting is what I love to do!  It keeps me sane.  In my friends funeral, her sister gave a fabulous talk and said that Natalie (my friend) LOVED to create.  Then, she encouraged us to create.

So I dusted off my saw......
(Thanks for being so patient waiting for crafts)

Valentine Collection

A kiss a day countdown.
(Kisses not included)

Layered Heart Hanger

Three Hearts
(each heart is 4.5 x 4 inches)

Cupid Letters
(letters are 6 in.)

Be Mine / So Lucky Reversible Blocks

 Heart is for Love / 
Shamrock is for Luck 

Small Valentine / Shamrock Reversible

St. Patricks Day Collection

Pinch Me Letters

Layered Shamrock Hanger

Three Shamrocks

Email me if you want to order.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

American girl doll clothes

Hello Faithful Followers!   My amazingly talented sister has made some American Girl doll dresses.  If you would like to order some, please email me what you would like.  She will be making some each month.   This month is beautiful winter themed dresses in white, blues and silver.

The dresses are $15.00 each.

These first three dresses are made to order.

This dress is one of a kind.  This is the only one available.

This is also one of a kind.  This is the only one available

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Only Two puppies left!

We have these two adorable puppies that need new homes!   They are papered Olde English Bulldogges.  We are asking $1200.00

These puppies should be ready by Christmas.

Monday, November 17, 2014

No crafting for me!

I have these cute puppies in my crafting room.....  
And until they grow up and find new homes, I won't be crafting.  

Check back in January for new Winter crafts!

!!!Have a wonderful Holiday Season!!!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Halloween 2014

I have a hard time deciding between 4th of July and Halloween as to which is my favorite Holiday.  But with these adorable, colorful crafts, I am going to have to say HALLOWEEN HANDS DOWN!!

Remember, If you are interested in ordering, 
PLEASE send me an email. 

Large Square Pumpkins
Tallest Pumpkin is about 22 inches tall
(These are only available to local customers only, Shipping would be outrageous)

FrankenOwl Door hanger 
This could very easily be my most favorite door hanger of all time!
I was inspired by a rubber stamp

Tall Triangle Witch
16 inches tall

Small Halloween Blocks
These are a little smaller than my usual blocks.
The blocks range from 5 inches tall to 2.5 inches tall and are 1.5 inches wide.
I am obsessed with the blue color!


BEWARE Letters
Adorned with paper and ribbon.

Trick or Treat Blocks
I love the black shadow behind each letter and the odd shaped blocks....
Did I mention that I love the blue?!?!

inspired by pinterest.

I still have a few weekends available if you are
 interested in scheduling a SUPER SATURDAY!
Contact me for more information.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Sunflowers and Crows

I am currently booking Super Saturdays for the Fall!!!  If you are interested in finding out more information, please contact me at sawdustsanity@live.com 

Happy August Everyone!
I am LOVIN' these crafts!

Black Crow Stacker - $10.00
This is another craft created by my amazing Daughter!
She does such a great job!

Sunflower Blocks 

Crow and Sunflower Trio

Crow blocks

Harvest, Sunflower and Crows

Sunflower Door Hanger

Please email me if you are interested in ordering.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

4th of July 2014

Did you ever think that I would post crafts again!? 
 It's hard to get back into crafting after taking 3 months off! 
 But I did it!  And I am lovin' every minute of it!

 Large Fire Crackers.
These are HUGE!  Perfect for a front porch.  
They are made out of 4x4' and the tallest one is 30 inches high
Sorry, but these are Only available to my local customers.  Shipping would be outrageous. 

 Uncle Sam Hat Door Hanger
Two things that are super popular right now are burlap and chevron...Why not mix them together!?

Freedom Blocks
Each Block is 2.5 x 2.5

 USA Wood Tile
This is a 10 x 10 tile

Americana Pals

USA blocks

Hello Sunshine
This adorable craft was made by my daughter who is 10.  She always wants to craft and learn how to do things.  This is her summer project.  Instead of being bored this summer, she is trying her hand at crafting.
She only has 5 of these beauties to sell so make sure and order yours before they are gone.