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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Love/Hate Relationship

The reason for the Title of my post is this.....I absolutely HATE Valentine's Day. Its not because I had a bad experience once or because my husband doesn't do anything. It is simply because it's a commercialized Day where Husbands feel obligated to tell their wife that they love them and shower them with high priced flowers or gifts. Shouldn't they just do that randomly?! any day when their hearts tell them to?? There..NOW that I have that off my chest, we can all move on. As MUCH as I HATE this holiday...I AM LOVING THESE CRAFTS!!!!!!



I LOVE the lips on this Door hanger! And notice the wire?? It's curled in heart shapes!! Also adorned with pink glitter

This is a 2x6x8 block with a bead board heart and glitter! Very simple, Very Cute! (look, I remembered the Ribbon on this one) $8.00 

This is the first thing I made this year for Valentine Crafts and would be darling sitting on a shelf. It has pink glitter and is "flecked' with red and pink paint. 9 in. tall x 6 in. wide $8.00 

My collection wouldn't be complete without a set of blocks! Blocks are 3.5 inches tall $12.00 
Another fence post craft! Notice the wire "love" across the heart?? Very Rustic looking and Darling on any door or wall. $20.00 
And last, but certainly NOT least, Love Letters! The heart is bead board, and as always, covered in glitter! Letters are about 7 - 9 inches tall $22.00 

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