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Saturday, October 18, 2008

SUCCESS with a CONTEST!!!!!!

One down and one to go! Here are some pictures from my ward's Super Saturday! I must say that this was the LEAST stressful super Saturday that I have ever had!This is a picture of just my pile.....Others were equally as large!Here is a picture of ALL the finished wood! it really doesn't look like a lot, so I took a different picture.....So this picture shows just how high those stacks really are..... Monday - Wednesday I worked in my shop from 7 - 1:30 in the morning. Then Thursday night my good friend came to help, and we busted out 31 "O's" and 31 "Y's" (Our Arms are still hurting a little!)

My final counts were 31 Sets of the Joy Blocks, 10 sets of the Pilgrims and 17 Families are Forever! For a grand total of 231 pieces of wood! CRAZYY!!!!


When I buy wood, they are planks that are so many feet long. The contest is...

Guess how many total FEET of wood I had to buy to make all these crafts!!!

The person who is the closest will win a set of "JOY" blocks (posted below) AND if you are exact in your guess I will add something else to your winnings!

THis is open to ANYONE and EVERYONE, just leave a comment with your guess!

Have fun and good luck! This contest Ends Monday Night at Midnight! (MST)

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